Educating women for a better nation

“We must tell girls their voices are important.”  – [ Malala Yousafzai ]

 Education is probably the only force that has the potential to change the course of the human society and history is the proof. All the major revolutions around the world- be it fighting an alien power or eliminating an internal threat- has happened through the tool of education. By educating young minds, we can indeed achieve goals, which might seem unimaginable to us at the present day. Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner ever, focusses on the need to educate female children in order to build a society with rich humanitarian values and peaceful co-existence of all the communities in it. Malala herself was a victim of an attack targeted towards women who wished to educate themselves in her country. Caught in religious hegemonies, Malala had to leave her country; and her constant struggle for rights of children to education, especially of young girls created a sensation throughout the world, which finally resulted in her being announced as the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 (when she was merely 17 years old).

Malala’s focus on education is a battle that many countries across the world are fighting. Education, the key to a better human society seems to be a priority for nations worldwide and social and human rights’ activists have indulged themselves in an endless struggle to educate young children globally for achieving world peace. In the case of India, we see that one of the reasons behind the country’s lack of progress is definitely the fact that a significant population of young children is uneducated. The lack of access to education greatly affects a society’s progress and India, unfortunately, is witnessing a similar scenario. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam rightly said that the children of India are its future and if we do not invest much on them, the future of the country will indeed be dark. Let us, therefore, take a pledge to promote the need for educating children and especially young girls in the society, which will in turn help the nation to prosper and make the world a better place to be in!
Posted By RDIADMIN 14 October, 2015