: The best in management options are available in USA, AUS, CAN, UK and other options being SINGAPORE
    : Germany leads the world in technology so is JAPAN and Europe…
    DESIGN: ITALY, AUS, NZ have leading design institutes so is CANADA and SINGAPORE are fast becoming design hub….
    FASHION: Fashion has one destination FRANCE, ITALY and USA are following the leaders path.
    SPORTS: Best place to be in sports arena is GERMANY, HOLLAND, AUSTRALIA, USA and major European countries
    MEDICINE: USA is followed by CANADA and GERMANY , although now KYRGYZSTAN is also developing itself into medical research hub
    : FRANCE, USA, UK, AUSTRALIA have great potential MEDIA market
    FINANCE: USA, UK, AUSTRALIA have the best financial faculties across the world.
    We also offer aboriginal destination which have potential and provide global education at nominal fee with apt of the best education.