Careers at RDI

Rural Development India is involved in offering various career and business options to the individuals seeking better opportunities. It is our business to help you achieve your dreams by providing you risk free business opportunities and job opportunities with leading companies. We feel immense pride and happiness to work with you and help you develop a better career and business. We can be key players to determine and achieve your goals and dreams.

Rural Development India staff consists of experienced career counselors who possess vast industry experience and knowledge about a wide range of major career options, college admissions procedures, job search strategies and employment trends. You can use our services, programs, and resources to get started on the road to realizing your goals.

RDI offers unique opportunities for personal and professional development, along with several other benefits. Under our Career Services we offer a number of diversified services such as:

  • Consultations for career advice
  • Job search strategies
  • Professional development workshops
  • Current jobs and internship postings
  • Receiving and promoting your resume to relevant employers
  • Business consultation and start-up ideas
  • Consultation for the growth and development of the business

Join RDI to shape your own career growth path.

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